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    Here are all the forum ranks we have on Tech Aid Forums. If you are interested in one please read the description of the rank:

    People who have the rank expert are fairly active on the forums and have helped a lot of people solve their issues. If we see that you have been active on the forums, and have been able to help solve others issues, we will contact you seeing about becoming an expert :)

    (Right now we don't have a system for this rank)

    <Company Name> Employee

    People who have this rank work at other tech companies and will likely be able to help you out with that product you need help with. Examples of this rank will be: Microsoft Employee, Apple Employee, Google Employee, etc.... To get this rank you will need to prove to use you are a valid employee. Please contact me at [email protected] if you do work at a tech company and would like the Employee rank.


    Moderators are people who are active on the forums and help enforce the rules. To become a moderator we will have applications open where you can go apply, however if we see you have been reporting post that have broken the rules we will contact you about getting the rank.


    Administrators are the people who do day to day task on keeping this awesome site up and running :)
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