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by winter4w at 3:25 PM
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So I have worked on improving the site and have read the feed back you guys posted. As you can see I have changed the them of the website to look nicer. If for some reason you did like the old one you can still access it in your account preferences. Down below I listed some of the changes:
  • New Look
  • SSL
  • Added Facebook Integration
  • Added Twitter Integration

If you have any other suggestions or ideas be sure to let me know :)

Also if you would like to help us out be sure to tell all your friends/family/fans/everyone :p out their about our site :)

by winter4w at 4:50 PM
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I have added in a feature where people can write a review on the person they bought a item from in the Buy/Sell/Trade discussion. This is so people can know if they are getting it from someone trustworthy and decrease the chance of someone getting ripped off.

Here is a screenshot on the feature:

If you would like to see anything else added feel free to suggest it below :)
by winter4w at 6:06 PM
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Hello everyone,

I would like to welcome you all to this new forum I have designed called Tech Aid. Here you can get help with tech related questions, whether it is your computer is having issues or you have a simple questions regarding software. The reason I have made this is I am going for a I.T. degree and would like to get more experience in helping others out, along with learning from others. I normally get asked by a lot of family, friends, and people in my community for help with their devices. So I thought why not make a website where people can help each other out.

Feel free to introduce yourself or ask questions below. If you have any suggestions or anything you will like me to add to the website I will be happy to listen to your ideas :)